The etymology of the word AL ATIKA exists in the Arabic language to signify the oldest character of the subject. So he can go back to the era where the olive tree existed on earth. Tunisia, land of olive trees for thousands of years. This legendary and historic tree is not only emblem of robustness, pride and immortality but also marks the culture and especially the gastronomy of the country. AlAtika has the most prestigious sun-drenched olive groves in central Tunisia. It works to offer you the best extra virgin olive oil thanks to its perfect control of the Tunisian olive-growing tradition and the ancestral Mediterranean agronomic know-how.


Indispensable in all recipes, our olive oil brings to your culinary masterpieces a typically Mediterranean touch coated with old-world perfumes, fresh flavors and unique sensations. Whatever your taste and desires in olive oil, Al Atika is ready to seduce you. Thanks to the different cultivars cultivated in our luxurious olive groves, we produce oils that cover a wide spectrum of tastes and unique taste experiences. Our generous oils offer you a perfect balance between a sweet taste, a delicate acidity and an explosive fruity and thus embody all the quality properties of our so original and authentic terroir.

Al Atika Premium, our flagship and exclusive product, comes from the 100% natural processing of a fine selection of the best fruits of the legendary national cultivar "Chemlali-Sahli". Hand picked in millenary olive groves inherited from our founding Phoenician ancestors in Carthage, the oil from its fruits reflects the faithful transmission of olive oil expertise over generations and civilizations. Characterized by its delicate acidity, its aromatic richness and its many virtues on health, this oil is distinguished by a high content of polyphenols.


Monitored very closely since flowering, our fruits are spoiled by the bounty of the summer sun and then ripen thanks to the continental cold characteristic of the Kairouan region. Plucked naturally in a family atmosphere that celebrates the traditions of our ancestors, our olives are then carefully cleaned and gently transported to our olive press that illustrates the perfect marriage between cutting-edge technology on one side and authenticity of the other's product.


The olive oil harvest has reached 220,000 tons or 120% compared to the previous campaign 2016/2017, which makes Tunisia the country with the highest rate of growth of the olive oil stock in the world and the world's second-ranking class behind Spain, according to the International Olive Council (IOC).
Discover our new product Al Atika Premium from our olive groves of 140 hectares located in the center of Tunisia specifically south of Al Qayrawan. This land belongs to the Chemli family for generations. Al Atika Premium is a carefully selected high quality product. This oil is made with 100% Tunisian olives, sorted and transported to the mill. Extracted within one hour, the oil is quickly packaged to preserve its taste and texture for a unique dining experience. It is obtained in limited quantity, with the best olives harvested each year.
Extra virgin olive oil is a product widely used in gastronomy, thanks to its exceptional flavor and the many properties it has for health.
The top 10 benefits are:
1) It helps to lose weight
2) It relieves different types of pain
3) It prevents mental degeneration
4) It has anti-cancer properties
5) She fights diabetes
6) It strengthens the immune system
7) It lowers the blood pressure
8) It regulates cholesterol
9) She smooths the hair
10) It naturally moisturizes the skin

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